Historien bak pressekonferansene

Oj oj oj. Pressekonferanser. Vel vel. Den gamle Manchester United-manageren Sir Matt Busby, skal ha bedt spillerne sine om å “treat the press the same way you would treat a policeman.”

Ikke slik med den neste managerlegenden i klubben, Sir Alex Ferguson (bildet). Han gjorde som han ville. Daniel Taylor skriver i The Athletic:

He had the power to bring us in, deliberately give us nothing and send us on our way.

Pressekonferansene kunne være korte, stramme og ubehagelige affærer. En gang varte det kun 74 sekunder.

It had lasted 74 seconds. One journalist had driven all the way from Newcastle and it was all over in less time than it would take to boil an egg. Less time, possibly, than to boil the water.

Jeg anbefaler både artikkelen spesielt og The Athletic generelt.

His temper was legendary and I will never forget the sight of one national newspaper journalist, in his 50s, being so worn down by the verbal assaults that when he witnessed a colleague being ejected from one press conference he raised his own hand, utterly defeated, and asked if Ferguson wanted him to go,

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